F3 Receives Grant From NJ Commission on Science and Technology

June 7, 2006 - Dover, NJ - Form Fit & Function (F3) Engineering has been awarded a $48,000 grant from the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology to develop a marketing opportunity study for an innovative electronic device that manages shock, vibration and movement.

The product addresses conditions that pose a serious threat and problems in many military, industrial and commercial environments. Vibrations that occur in engines, motors or generators can result in structural failure, decreased tolerance, fatigue failure or failure of other sensitive (such as electronic) components. Also, harmonic vibrations like those experienced by buildings and bridges during earthquakes can result in costly failure.

F3 has developed and designed a semi-active motion control device that uses magnetorheological fluids to provide vibration and shock management designs in one simplified package for integration into existing structures. Magnetorheological fluids can change viscosity almost instantly, responding to dynamic conditions and adjusting appropriately, in near real-time. The device attenuates vibration over 95 percent and protects up to 4500 pounds force during shock events.

This product allows for custom design, that can be integrated into most existing structures such as road/off-road vehicles, aircraft, sea-going craft, bridges and structures, industrial machinery and medical/robotic applications without impacting the existing physical structure or design, and without requiring extensive modifications.

F3 has successfully applied this technology in defense aerospace (military aircraft) applications and is currently involved in a research contract with NAVAIR in testing of the E-2C engine mount, which diminishes vibration and mitigates shock-generated displacement during events such as in-flight turbulence and carrier landings. A flight-ready system is currently being prepared to test the engine mount in an operational environment.

According to Janet McGovern, NAVAIR SBIR program manager at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station, F3 was selected to design this system because the company "distinguished themselves through laboratory testing of their prototype concept by going one step further and obtaining useful test data that substantiated their research."

"The impact of this technology is far-reaching," notes Dr. Odilo Vazquez, F3 President. "We are extremely pleased to be able to identify new market segments for this product through this grant."

Founded in 1999, F3 is a certified 8(a) firm. The company is owned and operated by minority individuals, and under the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program, is eligible to receive federal contracts. F3 is part of a technology incubator with design and testing facilities at Picatinny Arsenal in Dover, NJ.

F3 designs, develops and produces proprietary motion control products for military and commercial applications. With expertise in semi-active control devices using magnetorheological fluids, F3 provides viable vibration and shock management designs in a complete package, including mechanical, controls and sensors. For more information on F3’s dedication to providing technical guidance and support to its customers, please visit www.fffdesign.com or call Ken Rosenbaum, General Manager at (973) 442-2290.

Contact: Kathryn Lesko
LoneStar Yankee Communications (for Form Fit & Function Engineering)
(512) 484-7610