F3 Relocates, Receives Grant from NJ Commission on Science and Technology

February 5, 2007 - Paterson, NJ - A new location and a Fellowship Technology grant from the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology is allowing Form Fit and Function (F3), a company that develops and produces proprietary motion control products for military and commercial applications, to continue its impressive growth in 2007.

The company has relocated from the Picatinny Technology Innovation Center at Picatinny Arsenal in Dover to a 26,500 square-foot facility on East 26th Street in Paterson.

The move was initiated when F3 outgrew its current design and testing facility, as well as its status as a newly founded startup. The firm moved to Picatinny in 2002 as a two-person company and was initially located in a New Jersey business incubator, a non-profit company whose charter is to support the initial growth stages of new companies. F3’s business success and growth required more space than an incubator provides, so the need was apparent for the company to move out and into larger facilities which could better support their needs.

"F3 is the perfect example of what the Technology Innovation Center is designed to do," explained Mark Merclean, Executive Director of the Picatinny Technology Innovation Center. "By combining F3’s hard work and the facilities of the business incubator, a new and successful company has emerged. Although we are sorry to see F3 go, we will now be able to assist a different startup, while F3 moves on to a new level of success."

With the assistance of the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority and the Passaic County Office of Economic Development, F3 was able to secure a location within Paterson’s Urban Enterprise Zone.

More importantly, with F3’s designation as a certified 8(a) firm and East 26th Street’s location within a HUB zone, the relocation is a win-win for both F3 and the city of Paterson.

"The addition of F3 to Paterson’s economic environment provides an exciting opportunity in the city’s growth," said Jose Torres, Mayor of Paterson. "We welcome them to the city and look forward to the contributions they will make, including additional jobs in the area."

By the end of 2007, F3 hopes to add nearly a half dozen employees to its current roster. One position that has already been filled pertains to a $75,000 Fellowship Technology grant awarded by the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology.

The grant involves taking engine mount technology developed by F3 for the Navy and modifying it for the commercial market. A Rutgers University Ph.D. graduate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has joined the company to oversee implementation of this project via the grant.

"The New Jersey Technology Fellowship program fulfills several of the Commission’s goals," said Sherrie Preische, Executive Director of the Commission on Science and Technology. "These fellowships help companies meet their research goals through encouraging collaborations between our research universities and business community while providing skilled research scientists."

"Programs like these are created to encourage science and technology Ph.D. graduates from New Jersey universities to continue their research in New Jersey technology companies," added Professor Peng Song, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Rutgers University.

Furthering the tie between New Jersey’s academic and technology communities, F3 will also be utilizing Rutgers graduate students for short-term assignments.

"We are excited to be part of a relationship like this," said Odilo Vazquez, F3 President. "Using local graduates not only retains excellence in New Jersey, but allows companies like ours to move forward and grow using home-grown talent."

About F3
F3 designs, develops and produces proprietary motion control products for military and commercial applications. With expertise in semi-active control devices using magnetorheological fluids, F3 provides viable vibration and shock management designs in a complete package, including mechanical, controls and sensors. For more information on F3’s dedication to providing technical guidance and support to its customers, please visit www.fffdesign.com or call Ken Rosenbaum, General Manager at (973) 442-2290.

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