F3 Posts Perfect Score During Quality Audit

January 30, 2008 - Paterson, NJ - When Form Fit and Function (F3) became AS 9100 certified last year, the company that develops and produces proprietary motion control products for military and commercial applications impressed the industry with its Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) audit score of 99.5.

During its 2007 annual surveillance audit, F3 bested itself by achieving a perfect OASIS score of 100.

"We are thrilled to achieve this accomplishment," said F3 President Odilo Vazquez. "It speaks to the commitment our entire team holds to ensuring we provide the highest quality product and customer satisfaction."

The AS 9100 Standard was introduced in 1997 by the Society of Automotive Engineers. It has since evolved to include all major aerospace manufacturers. With 96 percent of F3's contracts dedicated to military avionics, it was a natural choice in 1996 for the company to take the extra step and obtain this more specialized aerospace registration.

The annual audits following the award of the three-year registration look at a variety of processes involving a company's quality management system. These include a commitment to continual improvement, meeting customer and regulatory requirements, establishing and meeting quality policies and objectives, conducting management reviews and providing necessary resources.

F3 was assisted by Change Management Consulting, Inc. (CMC) in earning its AS 9100 certification. According to Stanley Cherkasky, CMC's Managing Partner, F3's OASIS perfect audit score is exemplary.

"Less than 15 percent of companies receive a perfect score," Cherkasky said. "Companies are continually looking for the edge that will distinguish them from the competition, and one significant advantage that is often overlooked is the audit score."

"F3's accomplishments are indicative of their robust quality management system, and their ability to provide premiere products and services," stated Cherkasky. "They have raised the aerospace industry bar, and I'm confident that the F3 management team will be relentless in their continual improvement journey and their pursuit of excellence."

About F3
F3 designs, develops and produces proprietary motion control products for military and commercial applications. With expertise in semi-active control devices using magnetorheological fluids, F3 provides viable vibration and shock management designs in a complete package, including mechanical, controls and sensors. For more information on F3's dedication to providing technical guidance and support to its customers, please visit www.f3engineering.com or call Ken Rosenbaum, General Manager at (973) 442-2290.

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