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Mark 1 Steering Damper by F3 MotorSports

Our sister company F3 MotorSports recently introduced its revolutionary F3 Mark I Steering Damper.

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*** F3 Engineering receives HUB Zone certification from the SBA ***

critical engineering for your critical applications

Odilo Vazquez, founder of Form Fit & Function has responded to a military need for dynamic energy control systems to manage shock and vibration in mission-critical applications. F3 has demonstrated the ability to design, develop, test and provide prototype manufacturing with approved process control and quality systems. F3 seeks alliances with key partners in the dynamic energy control market segments to carry out the responsibilities of volume production and order fulfillment, product support, marketing and selling functions.

Personalized Service

Some of our clients include Northrop Grumman, Lord Corporation,
	W.E.R., and Ohlins

Form Fit and Function was established to provide our customers with mission-critical technology and products that address dynamic energy control.

F3 designs, develops and produces proprietary motion control products for military and commercial applications.

With expertise in semiactive control devices using MR (magneto rheological) fluids, Form Fit & Function is providing viable vibration and shock absorber designs in a complete (mechanical, controls, and sensors) package.

F3 is dedicated to providing technical guidance and support to customers throughout the development and implementation process.

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F3 wins contract for Ohio-class Submarine

F3 Wins Ohio-Class Trident Sub Contract

Form Fit and Function was recently awarded a contract from the U.S. Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) for design and production of some specialized mechanical gear for the Ohio-class submarines. F3 is proud to be the first small business to be awarded a contract for this level of engineering design on this class of submarine.

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The Navy's E-2C Hawkeye uses an engine mount designed by F3

Custom Electro-Mechanical Systems For Managing Shock and Vibration

With our years of experience in VMS, we can develop complete electro-mechanical systems -- mechanical, controls, and sensors -- all the way from initial design to final implementation.

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Missile Hoists developed for the Air Force

Program Management of Your Complex Engineering Projects

With over 10 years of experience working on "black" projects for the military and aerospace industry, we have developed methods proven to keep your complex projects on schedule, on budget and on target.

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Machine Your Difficult, High-Precision Small-Run Parts

Leverage our equipment and experience creating high-precision parts to machine your own critical, small-run parts.

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